18' Step van with a spare ready to drop in Cummins diesel See Details

ID# 006315
Orem, UT 84057

2000 Freightliner MT45
Body Length
OBO, with or with out new engine.
Rear Body Access
Fully Open Step Van
Interior Builder
Cummins 5.9
Air Conditioning
Engine Driven - 1 unit
Hot Water Heater
1600 Lbs With Extension
Toolbox Openings
93 inches
67 inches
Title Status
Clear Title
New or Used
Sale Price
$15,009 5/18/2019
VIN Number
OK to Text Seller
Power Roof Vent
CDL Not Required
Magnets included
LED Lighting - Interior
Jump Seat
Custom Shelving - See Photos
Sliding Side Door
Floor Drawers
Dual Rear Doors
Oak Shelving
Backup Camera
Carpeted Walls
Electronic Deadbolt
Single Desk
Security - Alarm System
Parts Drawers attached to Desk
Hammer Rack
AM/FM/CD Radio
Two Tool Box Openings
Driver AC Dash Area - Step Van
Removable Shelves in Box Openings
Anti-Lock Brakes
Diamond Plate in Box Openings
Chrome Bumper
Diamond Plate Floor
Side Door
First off 326,000 is lots of miles, but, sale of the truck includes a new engine! (see pictures). The New Engine is a Reviva Complete drop-in still bolted to the forklift stand. "Drop-in" meaning, new turbo, exhaust manifold, fuel pump, injectors, (stock lift pump although the truck has a FASS system), water pump, and engine wiring harness.

In the last 2 years I have replaced the radiator, condenser, receiver drier, A/C pump, water pump, belt tension-er, timing case gasket, tappet cover gasket, intake gasket, fuel injector lines, front main seal, head gasket (leaking out of the right front corner, not a compression leak), all of the a/c blower motors, high watt block heater (even at 10 degrees if it is plugged in all the starter has to do is bump and it starts), front shocks, and 1000w inverter.

3 years ago I replaced all of the batteries with 6 volt batteries (6) even at 3 years old they will run the lights for a very long time, and the tie rod ends, rear leaf springs with add-a-leafs, turn signal stat, and upgraded the drivers seat with a Legacy seat, and all of the sprockets in the lift gate, all of the coolant hoses, oil cooler and gaskets.

Last August, I replaced all 6 tires, front and rear disk brakes, and packed the hubs, replaced the bearings/races, and seals, and replaced the fan belt, air filter. Every year I change the filter/fluid in the trans. The truck gets serviced the first weekend of every month, due to all of the miles I drive every week.

I Just replaced the Alternator, passenger windshield, wipers, and windshield gasket, and the electronic deadbolt, that works with the alarm, and the fuel gauge sending unit, oil pan gasket, and valve cover gasket, I have a spare alternator and a spare steer tire, and serviced it as well.

The A/C works, there is only one engine driven compressor, and there are 3 evaporators, 2 on the ceiling, 1 in the front and one in the rear, and one under the dash for the drivers station. There is a jump seat included, safety triangles, fire extinguisher, and new tire chains. I bought the tire chains thinking I would need them. On one of my furthest out areas I have to go over a very long steep mountain pass, but when this truck is loaded it sticks in the snow really good, and I just never used them. This truck also has a engine coolant heater in the rear, and it works really well, I think it is better than having to buy propane all of the time.

all of the shelves in the front are removable, all of the shelves in the rear have storage boxes under the top shelf, the truck shows really well and will hold lots of inventory. There are 23 air tool mounts on the roof. There are blocks on the back door so a medium sized tool cart cam be strapped against the rear door, and the bottom molding/shelf face on the rear shelves there are two carpeted rub-rail sliders that can be placed on either side so a tool cart/equipment can be strapped to the shelves with out damaging the molding or the cart/equipment. There are five of the rear shelves (3 on pass 2 on the drivers side) that are lined front to back with 24" high strength magnets, 4-24" overhead magnets, and the top shelf next to the desk area is lined with 24" magnets also. The Kershaw knife case is new, and my old one is still laying on the shelf and can be mounted. the truck has a Pioneer stereo deck and Phoenix Gold speakers front and rear, and a backup camera. There is a creeper cubby with a light, and a plexi glass door that has slots for fliers/catalogs.

This truck has only left me stranded twice, once with a steer tire blow out, and once with a belt tension-er seized and broke the belt. Two days a week I had to drive over 90 miles one way just to get to my areas, so there were lots of highway miles. That being said the truck does not consume oil, and has zero blow by, which is why I have never replaced the engine, as well as not having any emissions equipment at all, there is a rear vent fan in the roof that can push or pull air. the gate extension is a slide on and can load 1900's easily, there are plenty of straps and tie downs for multiple boxes and carts, and the truck has plenty of tie downs and e-track for securing boxes and larger equipment. The floor structure of the truck is all aluminum so no worries about wood rot... the top is wrapped and the bottom is painted yellow.
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