The Best C5500 You Will Find, Walk Thru, Low Miles, Excellent condition. Pre-DEF, LAST YEAR! SOLD!

ID# 006274
Concord, NC 28025

2009 Chevrolet C5500
Body Length
Rear Body Access
Walk Thru w/Sliding Door
Interior Builder
6.6 Duramax
Air Conditioning
Engine Driven - 2 units
LP Furnace
2000 Lbs With Cart Stop & Extension
Toolbox Openings
97 inches
64 inches
Title Status
Clear Title
New or Used
Sale Price
$40,000 5/10/2019
VIN Number
OK to Text Seller
Backup Camera
CDL Not Required
Electronic Deadbolt
5 Shelves each side
Security - Alarm System
Floor Drawers
Oak Shelving
Tilt Wheel / Tilt Column
Carpeted Walls
Cruise Control
L Shape Desk
Power Windows
Hammer Rack
Power Locks
Two Tool Box Openings
AM/FM/CD Radio
Removable Shelves in Box Openings
Cab AC
Black Dot Floor
Stainless Wheel covers
Sliding Side Door
Anti-Lock Brakes
Dual Rear Doors
Chrome Bumper
YOU JUST FOUND YOUR TRUCK. NO NEED TO LOOK AT ANY OTHERS. Everyone wants a C5500 and this is the best one out there. Not only is it the newest, but it also has the fewest miles AND is in the best condition as well. North Carolina truck all it’s life too so that means NO RUST!!!

Ask me how this vehicle appears larger on the inside than other 18 foot trucks and how it made my business easier and almost effortless. Or if you wanna know more about the tool business? Call me. I've been in management as well so I've seen both sides.

I have owned this well-maintained 2009 C5500 for four years and it is available NOW.

This is actually my 2nd C5500 in ten years and I have had very good service out of it. My first C5500 was so good to me that I wanted to get another in the absolutely newest model year I could buy. 2009 is the last year this great truck was built. This is also the last year that doesn't use DEF, so that's the best of both worlds.

Going out in the morning and at stops, the fact that it would always start and always drive great was a given. Having such a dependable truck and one that is so easy to work out of meant I could concentrate on the days business. It is road ready right now. You can load it and go sell tools tomorrow without issue.

It is clean inside and out. The chrome front bumper and stainless wheel covers, along with the stainless corners on the body make it look sharp.

There is a full walk through with a sliding, lockable door which opens into the box. The ``hightop`` on the roof of the cab is tall enough that you can stand up in the cab before you go through. Sounds like a small thing, but I'm 6' 4" and this makes it easy to go back and forth, which is especially nice on rainy days. It is also easy to reach behind the seat and slide the door closed and enjoy quiet on the highway. With a solid barrier behind the seats when it is closed it's almost like riding in a pick up. It has nice Cold A/C in the cab and in the back too for your customers to enjoy.

THE BODY HAS A SLIDING SIDE DOOR! I can pull in closer to other vehicles in a tight parking area than my competition with a swing out side door. Plus the inside of the door does not get wet when it is open on a rainy day. I can slide my door open with my interior lights on and customers know I am in the truck and open for business. Again, that may sound like a little thing but it makes day to day operation a breeze.

Being in the south, it tends to get hot out. I have installed a Glass Front fridge (not a chiller) to help entice customers out to the truck. They know I am the toolman with cold drinks, and it can get cold enough to freeze drinks. The box gets it power from DUAL voltage inverters. One for the fridge and other items that may need electrical and the the 2nd is the stock inverter for your computer, printer etc.

The L-shaped desk is located on the curbside front. There are 5 shelves per side with the box openings toward the front and rear of the truck. There is a removable shelf over each box opening. There are several floor drawers and open areas for floor jacks etc as well.

I converted a few of the light fixtures in the box to LED. The LED bulbs are inside the standard fixture.

Extended lift gate - will accommodate 89`` tool box

I am not trying to say this is a perfectly preserved 2009 model. It has the normal little flaws and cosmetic blemishes that every 10 year old vehicle has. I have a few pics in the video showing small bubbling in one place on the floor and 3 broken bungee's on the ceiling. Again, this isn't a brand new truck but in excellent condition for it's age.

After 10 years as a tool distributor, it's time to retire and do something else. Clear title - no lien, I own it. Ready for you now! Delivery options available too.

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