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Cab Chassis / Box Truck
11/26/2018 Thomas Kincaid
The Cab Chassis / Box truck consists of a truck cab with a body in back mounted on frame rails. The factory designed cab is comfortable, the flat floor means interior layouts can be more custom without limitations. Click on the title to read more.
Newest Listings
26' Old Matco Truck
2004 Freightliner M2
Sylva, NC
Price $20,000
16' Snap-On Tool Truck
2002 Freightliner MT45
Reno, NV
Price $12,000
16' Step Van CHEAP needs to go now!
2011 Freightliner MT45
Allentown, PA
Price $10,500
NEW 18' International CV Successor to the C5500
Jamestown, OH
NEW 24' M-2 Freightliner - Build to Your Design!
Jamestown, OH
NEW 18' Step Van Brand New Ready to Go!
Jasper, OH
Price $120,000
NEW 24' with Cummins engine
2019 International 4300
Jamestown, OH
NEW 18' Fully Warranted with Gasoline Motor
Jamestown, OH
Price $108,000
NEW 22' Step Van with Full DNJ Interior NEW
Jamestown, OH
Price $158,000
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